Collagen bronzer

Smoothing and toning multibronzer with Caffeine and Collagen, enriched with all high quality component, best silicone formula and collagen - well known from its effectives.

Active ingredients:

  • DHA, Caramel Color, Walnut Extract, Melanin, Erytrulose - intensive moisturizing bronzing action
  • Aloe Vera, Hemp Oil - Intensive moisturizing
  • Licopene, Vit. E, C - skin firming action
  • Macadamia Oil, Safflower Oil - Skin rejuvenating and elastic action
  • L Tyrosine - stimulation of the formation of melanin, accelerate tanning

A touch of Orient

Bottle 200 ml /6.8 fl.oz.
Sachet 15 ml /.50 fl.oz

SuperTan Katalog 2016

After Sun Body Lotion 3 in 1

Spectacular bronzer packed