Dark Sauna

Get sensually hot glow with this unique warming formula with the power of 20 bronzers. Thermo effect.  Your skin becomes absolutely fabulous with combination of caring oils: macadamia, safflower, coconut, buriti and urucum and softly scented with milky perfumes.
Active ingredients:
DHA Bronzer, L-Tyrosine, Walnut Extract,  Erytrulose, Melanin, Copper - bronzing and accelerates tanning
Vanilyl Butyl Ether - provides thermo effect, stimulating microcirculation, oxygenation and deepening suntan
Macadamia Oil, Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil - moisturize and elasticises your skin
VIT  E, Licopene - strongly smoothes the skin, protect against free radicals
Shea Butter, VIT  E, Red Buriti Oil, Brown Buriti Oil, Beta-Carotene - regenerates and nourishes the skin
Milk and coffee
Bottle 200 ml / 6.8 fl.oz.
Sachet 15ml/.50 fl.oz.5

SuperTan catalogue 2016

Spectacular bronzer packed