Pineapple & Mango

Intensive tropical bronzer, extremely rich in melanin enhancers: tyrosine, erythrulose, copper and beta-carotene, combined with immediately working bronzers. With collagen and shea butter, primed to leave your skin looking seductively tanned and regenerated.
Active ingredients:
DHA Bronzer, Tyrosine, Erytrulose, Walnut Extract, Copper, Beta-Carotene - bronze and accelerate tanning
VIT E, Cocoa Oil, Aloe Vera - Regenerates and nourishes the skin
VIT E, Cocoa Oil, Aloe Vera - hydrates and protects the skin against free radicals
Pineapple & mango
Bottle 200 ml / 6.8 fl.oz.
Sachet 15ml/.50 fl.oz.5

SuperTan catalogue 2016

Spectacular bronzer packed