Sweet Face

For fun loving tanners who want a shimmering glow with their dark tanning experience. Blended for tanners because healthy skin is the foundation of your dark tanning success. Our three Accelerators are designed to provide critical moisturization and assist the body in developing a healthy looking tan. This cutting edge formula is infused with Green Tea Extract to help fight free radical scavengers. The healthier your skin is, the more your body will maximize each tanning session to help you rapidly build your base tan. Our Shimmering Accelerator formula features Hemp Seed Oil, L-Tyrosine, Copper PCA and Unipertan V-2002  to help accelerate your tan and provide great results. Lastly we added a touch of shimmer to help accentuate that deep dark tan.
Active ingredients:
Unipertan V-2002, Acetyl-L-Tyrosine - acceleratea the process of suntan
Aloe Vera, Hemp Oil, Cucumber Extract - intensely moisturize
Safflower Oil, Tahitan Monoi Oil, Vit. B,C – work smoothing and anti-wrinkle
Cocoa Butter - revitalizes and elasticises
Sweet almond
Jar 15ml/.50 fl.oz.5

SuperTan catalogue 2016

Spectacular bronzer packed