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Our Motto: Play with tanning

We love the sun!

It gives us joy, sense of humour, vitamin D, pleasant warmth, and this wonderful bronze shade on the skin! We are also aware of the risks, so we tan quickly and do not unnecessarily lengthen it. We use effective cosmetics, which allow you to get your dream tan in a shorter time and under controlled conditions in a tanning salon. We hate boredom, we are modern and curious about the world, enjoy life to the fullest but… on our terms. Because:

…who said that tanning must smell like a coconut? We know other earthly intriguing and joyful scents!

...is white better than brown? We believe that golden bronze skin is a definite winner!

We cherish freedom! The freedom of choice, in particular, which is why in summer we choose a beautifully tanned body.

...why is SPF the best choice for UV radiation? We like tyrosine and DHA cosmetics that have fast bronzing effect!

We value fun and small pleasures (within reason, of course)! How about you?

Join us!

About Us

SuperTan is an American brand that was created to inspire.

To appreciate each and every day and not be afraid to be yourself. To make decisions that are not always in line with trends, to laugh loud and play differently than most people. To appreciate what is unique, daring, and sometimes crazy.

Dullness and greyness of everyday life? This shade does not exist for us. We believe that a tan improves well-being and mood, increases self-confidence and ensures attractive appearance!

That is why we treat the issue of tanning in tanning salons responsibly and with the utmost care by offering professional products of the highest quality for full comfort and a wonderful bronze shade.

Professional accelerator lotions, bronzers and after-tan products that will envelop your body with rich care and their crazy intense fragrances will take you to the land of fun and rest.

Impress everyone!



SuperTan is an American brand that was created to inspire. It has been present on the Polish market for several years and has gained a large group of admirers thanks to the high quality of its products. Professional accelerator lotions, bronzers and after-tan products envelop your skin with rich care, and crazy and intense fragrances take you to the land of fun and rest.


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