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Pineapple & Mango Triple Bronzer

Fast tanning, incredible moisture. Perfect!


Your desire:

Let time stand still to celebrate the joy of beautifully tanned, dark golden, slightly mysterious and extremely moisturised skin. That SPActacular power of satisfaction with your looks.

Our fulfillment:

We know when to act triple fast. When it's worth pulling the ace out of the sleeve to win. This is exactly how we prepared this bronzer. For a fast bronzing action and tan activation we used the following agents, among others: DHA, walnut shell extract, beta-carotene, erythrulose, tyrosine and copper. We have added valuable care ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E and caffeine. All this so that you can experience the feeling of full satisfaction and enjoy a gorgeous body without limits.

Common pleasure:

of pineapple and mango fragrance which stimulates and gives energy for joyful jumps, of a fast and satisfying effect.

Our secret:



SuperTan is an American brand that was created to inspire. It has been present on the Polish market for several years and has gained a large group of admirers thanks to the high quality of its products. Professional accelerator lotions, bronzers and after-tan products envelop your skin with rich care, and crazy and intense fragrances take you to the land of fun and rest.


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