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Tropical Fruit Tingle Deep Bronzer

Extremely deep tan! Make it happen!


Your desire:

To avoid illusive superficiality. Establish deep relations, those that last and continue... And put on the deep bronze in sunbathing. Visible. Authentic.

Our fulfillment:

We know when to act stronger and deeper. What to do to ensure a truly deep relationship between the product and the skin. That is why we have strengthened the action of a mixture of bronzers and tanning accelerators (DHA, beta-carotene, tyrosine) with a tingle component - a strong warming circulatory stimulant, thanks to which bronze is even deeper and more intense. Combined with caffeine, a complex of regenerating, moisturising and nourishing oils (Jojoba and Kukui) and a firming collagen, Tropical Fruits takes care of the beautiful appearance and perfect form of your body comprehensively and effectively.

Common pleasure:

of a joyful scent of exotic fruit, rich care and wonderfully deep bronze skin.

Our secret:



SuperTan is an American brand that was created to inspire. It has been present on the Polish market for several years and has gained a large group of admirers thanks to the high quality of its products. Professional accelerator lotions, bronzers and after-tan products envelop your skin with rich care, and crazy and intense fragrances take you to the land of fun and rest.


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